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Pneumatic Jackhammer Hire | Sydney

If you're taking on drilling project and need to break up hard materials hike concrete, stone or road tarmac, talk to the team at Call 2 Hire. We have a range of drilling equipment including pneumatic drills, pneumatic jackhammers and pneumatic breakers for hire.

Our drilling equipment is perfect for demolitions, renovations, road construction, bridge construction, street repairs and more. Available throughout Sydney and New South Wales including Penrith, Parramatta and Cronulla. No matter what your drilling equipment needs are, our team have a wide range of dry hire equipment ready to be deployed to your site. Talk to us today about our pneumatic jackhammer hire rates.


Pneumatic Breakers and Drills for Hire

At Call 2 Hire,We Know that tough jobs call for equally strong drilling equipment. That's Why we ensure all of our jackhammers, drills and pneumatic breakers are up to the task. Our drills, pneumatic jackhammers and breakers can handle an extreme amount of stress. With a modern design, our drilling equipment is built to be easy and comfortable to use. Whether your job is on a residential, commerial or industrial worksite, we have the right drilling equipment for your project.

Our pneumatic jackhammer works by pressing down on the handle which pumps air from the compressor into the jackhammer through a value. The hammer features a circle of internal air tubes as well as aheavy pile driver and a drill at the end. Our jackhmmers come in a range of sizes, so talk to us today about horing the right pneumatic jackhammer for your project.

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Affordable Drilling Equipment

At Call 2 Hire, our goal is to be your one-stiop for all your dry hire needs onsite. That's why we offer our range of drilling equipment at competitive rates. from pneumatic jackhammers to breakers and drills, all of our equipment is priced at affordable rates for every project.

Pneumatic Jackhammer Hire Locations: New South Wales

Call 2 Hire provide pneumatic jackhammer hire and more across New South Wales in popular locations including Sydney, Penrith, Parramatta, Cronulla, and beyond. Tell us about your site location and we’ll see if we can provide the right dry hire drilling equipment to meet your needs.


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Talk to the team at Call 2 Hire today about our pneumatic jackhammer hire rates by giving us a call or filling out our online form.



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When you need an efficient, temporary LED lighting solution for your construction project in Sydney and throughout NSW, choose Call 2 Hire as your mobile lighting solution. Available for use in a wide range of applications, our LED light towers for hire are built to give exceptional, reliable performance.

Mobile Lighting Tower Hire

To break up hard materials, Call 2 Hire has pneumatic breakers and drills for hire throughout Sydney and NSW. When you need to break up or break through reinforce concrete, stone or asphalt, contact Call 2 Hire today.

Pneumatic Breaker and Drill Hire

When you need a multi-purpose or custom message delivered quickly to a location in Sydney and NSW to direct or instruct, choose Call 2 Hire’s electronic road signs for dry hire. Our electronic VMS road sign for hire offers you a fast, reliable and convenient platform for all types of roadworks messaging, advisory purposes, or event management purposes.

Electronic Road Sign Hire

We offer full colour LED VMS message boards for hire for use in promotion, temporary road signage, event management and more. These signs are perfect for providing an inexpensive and modular advertising solution for sales events, opening days and promotions. 

VMS Message Board Hire

We supply varieties of air compressor hire used in abrasive blasting, drilling and for supplying moderate pressure air to power pneumatic tools. Used in a variety of projects and tasks, including abrasive blasting and drilling jobs, we have expertise in the air compressor hire industry due to our years of experience.

Air Compressor Hire