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Contact Call 2 Hire to hire Cryonomic grit blasting equipment for paint stripping, rust removal, surface roughening and abrasive blasting equipment Australia-wide.

We offer a range of abrasive blasting equipment for wet or dry hire. Over the years, our reputation has been built on as a realistic and trusted local company, providing simple and cost-effective equipment hire for a wide variety of jobs such as paint stripping, rust removal and surface roughening. We have an experienced professional team who can provide you with expert advice, along with our great fleet of quality, cutting-edge Cryonomic dry-ice blasting equipment. We are sure to offer you an abrasive blasting hire service that meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality.

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This combination of features means cryonomic grit blasting equipment can really help to improve efficiency and reduce interruption, helping to improve overall cost-effectiveness of any project. Our Cryonomic abrasive blasting equipment can be used in combination with traditional abrasive materials, meaning it is suitable for wide variety of surfaces and projects.

At Call 2 Hire we offer abrasive blasting equipment to perform a wide range of services, including grit blasting, rust removal, paint stripping, and surface roughening. Our Cryonomic Dry ice blasting equipment is leading in innovation, offering all of the power and versatility of conventional grit blasting methods, although with more flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Because dry ice blasting uses less abrasive material and produces less abrasive residue, it reduces the environmental and economical costs of abrasive blasting. It provides safe, easy rust removal and paint stripping across a range of surfaces, without warping panels like traditional abrasive blasting methods. 


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Call 2 Hire offers abrasive blasting services, including rust removal, paint stripping, and surface roughening, throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. If you are interested in hiring our cutting-edge Cryonomic grit blasting equipment, get in touch today.



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When you need an efficient, temporary LED lighting solution for your construction project in Sydney and throughout NSW, choose Call 2 Hire as your mobile lighting solution. Available for use in a wide range of applications, our LED light towers for hire are built to give exceptional, reliable performance.

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To break up hard materials, Call 2 Hire has pneumatic breakers and drills for hire throughout Sydney and NSW. When you need to break up or break through reinforce concrete, stone or asphalt, contact Call 2 Hire today.

Pneumatic Breaker and Drill Hire

When you need a multi-purpose or custom message delivered quickly to a location in Sydney and NSW to direct or instruct, choose Call 2 Hire’s electronic road signs for dry hire. Our electronic VMS road sign for hire offers you a fast, reliable and convenient platform for all types of roadworks messaging, advisory purposes, or event management purposes.

Electronic Road Sign Hire

We offer full colour LED VMS message boards for hire for use in promotion, temporary road signage, event management and more. These signs are perfect for providing an inexpensive and modular advertising solution for sales events, opening days and promotions. 

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We supply varieties of air compressor hire used in abrasive blasting, drilling and for supplying moderate pressure air to power pneumatic tools. Used in a variety of projects and tasks, including abrasive blasting and drilling jobs, we have expertise in the air compressor hire industry due to our years of experience.

Air Compressor Hire